Our strength for more than 15 years:

500 different items on the shelves…
…in order to fullfil your current needs in any kinds of form.
Our stock of standard products is constantly refilled.
Secured relationship with the worldwide manufacturer

A reactive sales team
Whether by mail or by phone, a copper professional
is always ready to bring you advices and details
on the characteristics or the implentation of our products.
Do not hesitate to ask us, a personalized quote will be rapidly
sent to you…

A efficient follow-up
Your order is processed within the day and you can be kept informed
of the tracking.
Our sales team remains at your service by phone or by mail
during the whole tracking

An experienced network of partners
Selected carriers managing rapid deliveries ….

Worldwide service
We are able to send material all over the world wich ever is the quantity.


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Chargement barres cuivre